Munich Maymester

See it . . . Live it . . . Tell it.

Sixteen J-school students are spending more than two weeks in Munich, Berlin and other parts of Germany discovering a new culture. 

No tour buses for them! They’ll use five modes of transportation and walk more than 130 miles in order to produce various multimedia stories (word, video, photography and other media).

And you can keep up with them here!

Panoramic View of Munich​

After an incredible morning exploring the Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art in Munich, we decided to make our way over to the Church of St. Peter located in the heart

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Canvas of a City

I knew Berlin had a reputation for being full of graffiti, but it was more than anything I had imagined. We had the opportunity to participate in a Street Art

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Leaving Munich for Berlin

We left Munich bright and early and luckily no one was left behind. The efficient Munich airport got us on our flight in no time and the flight to Berlin

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Bavarian Castles

We left our hostel extra early one morning to begin the long journey into the mountains to two castles of the Bavarian royal family. One train and two busses later

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Munich; A Foodie Heaven

Having the opportunity to experience the local lifestyle of Munich, Germany this past week has been absolutely thrilling. We hit the most famous parts of the city, walked around some

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Munich Bike Tour

Munich Bike Tour When we arrived to Munich I was extremely exhausted from traveling throughout the entire night. The last thing I wanted to do was ride around on a

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Paragliding in the Bavarian Alps

Paragliding in the Bavarian Alps Today we took an hour long train ride to the beautiful town of Lenggries, Germany. Lenggries is a picturesque area surrounded by the Bavarian Alps.

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BMW World

Today was our second day of our Maymester in Munich. The group decided to take a tour of the BMW Museum here and as a car/motorcycle enthusiast I was beyond

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